Trophy Model

2nd Annual International Lucie Awards, 2004

Honoring the world's most prestigious and legendary photographers

Nicole designed this pen in high school and it's pretty much sold out now.  Ebay store Floating Around the World had some left but they sold out too, the last time we checked. But you never know when it might pop up online again! 500 were originally manufactured.

Baseball IllustrationTitled: At The Ballpark with the Ball-People
Originally drawn for Jimmy Scott's High and Tight Website

Fisher's  Beautiful Life Video

See Nicole's brief but enthusiastic appearance at 0:45 in this video by amazing singer-songwriter Fisher

Four Consecutive Years- Created art for Summer Reading Program- Library won American Library Association award several years for Best In Show, Best In Design, and Best In Creativity

Assistant for professional Dog Photographer Mary Bloom at the 125th and 126th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Shows at Madison Square Garden, New York. Below are snapshots of or by Nicole and do not reflect Mary's stellar work, which touched the lives of countless people for decades. Nicole is humbled and honored to have had the chance to work with Mary and to witness her powerful spirit which outpoured her love for people and animals into the world, inspiring everyone she crossed paths with. More about Mary's spectacular life can be read by clicking on her name above in blue.

A beautiful tribute to Mary given by the Archbishop of New York can also be heard in this video from St. John the Divine Cathedral's 2021 St. Francis Feast Day Blessing of the Animals, at 31:00:

Photographer's Assistant for
Mary Bloom

Orchid Lounge

Drawn for a contest- Didn't win but still pretty

Mandala Project

In freshman year of college during an art class, the professor, an open-minded artist named William Mutter, asked Nicole what she enjoyed drawing in her spare time. She naively said "Circular designs that start at the center and expand outwards". He said "Oh- Mandalas!" Having never heard of mandalas at the time, Nicole was disappointed that others thought of this concept before her (i.e. snowflakes, stain glass Cathedral windows, flowers, a slice of fruit, ancient symbols- they're everywhere). He made the class's last project of the semester a Mandala Project and these are Nicole's 2 pieces. Prior to these, she drew small but intricate ones roughly 1"-3" inches in size, but these are big!

Below: Nicole's drawing which won the contest for a new logo, along with her painting of the logo as a mural in the campus radio station office. As seen in the mural, the station was going to be changed to 88.1FM at the time. but remained 88.9FM.

Drew University Radio Station Logo- 88.9FM New Jersey

Left: Finished windows. Below: Windows from inside the library; Painting in progress.

Theme: Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

Original Sketch

Painted Windows- Theme: Laugh-a-Minute

Painted Windows- Based on Library's Annual Themes:

Wooden Shuffle Boards- Hand-Painted for Summer Library Events:

Children's game:
Life the lampshade and find a prize

Below: Before and after

Painted Lamps at Library:

Painted Wooden Shoes-
Before and After

Used as children's games to throw a ball through the hole and win a prize.

Local Library Artwork

Tilt the pen and watch the hard-working ants carry fruit away from an abandoned picnic blanket to their awaiting ant friend.

Won "Design A Floaty Pen" Contest by Floaty Industries
Pen title: Picnic

Jewelry Design
Hand-drawn line of fine jewelry for Jewel of The Moon

Performing artists on the album: The Temptations, Brian McKnight, Patti LaBelle, Marvin gaye, James Brown, Dru Hill, Donna Summer, Kelly Price, Jackson 5, Ashanti, Stevie Wonder, Vanessa Williams & Bobby Caldwell.

Special thanks to music industry executive Kathleen Basart for initiating Nicole's involvemet in this project.

Circuit City/ Universal Music Group
Christmas Compilation CD- Hand-Drawn Art
10,000 Copies Sold

Great Swamp Wildlife Refuge, Chatham, N.J.

Mushroom Photography Exhibit at Environmental Center During College; Film Photography, 2002

Arnold Newman (1918-2006) honored for Outstanding Achievement in Portraiture; Photo taken outside the American Airlines Theather preceding the ceremony

Above: Timothy White honored as International Photographer of the Year- Celebrity Photography

Above: Bruce Davidson honored for Outstanding Achievement in Documentary Photography

Above: Jay Maisel honored for Outstanding Achievement in Advertising Photography

Above: Arthur Leipzig honored for Outstanding Achievement in Fine Art Photography

Above: Clinton Community Gardens, Contest Entry 2008. An intricate garden scene of plants, bird feeders, happy insects, and a woman with a watering can depicting a garden tender, flourishes below city buildings towering above. This piece was drawn several years after the above college-themed illustrations but it is included in this section because it is of the same style of hand-drawn black and white ink. Don't overlook the little spider dangling from the rake in the lower left.

Above: Residence Life Illustration. Artwork was printed on tote bags.

Left and Above: Dormitory Reconstruction Illustrations. Artwork was intended to be printed on t-shirts to be distributed after a building's repair, but the shirts were never printed because the artwork was deemed offensive. But the building was falling apart! The art was intended to be humorous not deraogatory. The illustration on the left features a student drowning from a leaky ceiling, with a laptop floating in the water. Look closely on the laptop's screen- it says "Goggles" not "Google". Meanwhile students fight back with plungers against "toilets with an attitude" who are saying things like "Flush at your own risk", as a repairman from "Insane Crane Co." tries to fix the roof. Students never saw these pieces, but at least you're seeing them now.

Actual CD, Plugged Into Christmas

Below: Stages of Painting

Above: Walter Iooss honored for Outstanding Achievement in Sports Photography

Above: 16th and 18th Annual Medieval Festival Illustrations. Artwork was printed on t-shirts.

Above: Fern Fest 2002 and Tent Weekend 2003 Illustrations. Artwork was printed on campus t-shirts.

Above: Fern Fest 2004 and 2003 Illustrations, celebrating an annual concert promoting reforestation. Artwork was printed on posters and t-shirts

College Illustrations
Printed on Tee-Shirts, Posters, and even a Tote Bag- for Campus Events

CD featured inside Circuit City weekly circular

Nicole holding original album art with Circuit City employee Maesha with actual CD for sale during the holiday season

Above: Inside CD Case

Above: Back of CD

Above: Cover Art- Final Drawing

Nicole holding original drawing next to CD in Circuit City

Nicole Denise Designs- Retailers