South Mountain Recreation Complex:

We are thrilled to be part of the South Mountain Recreation Complex, West Orange, NJ. It's a fabulous place for kids to enjoy the outdoors with their parents, and now they can enjoy some posters too!

B Natural Pianos and Music School
295 US 46, Rockaway, NJ 07866
B Natural Pianos Website- Click Here

The only thing better than a piano is an entire store of pianos!
Walk into this musical mecca of melodies and you may soon be walking out with your new best friend made of 88 keys bursting with all of the potential that has been building up inside you. If you weren't obsessed with pianos before entering, you will be afterwards!  They even give lessons and sell pianos remotely via FaceTime by appointment during the pandemic- they will play them for you to hear from their screen to yours (and the store is physically open too).  Thank you to pianist and owner Rick for incorporating our artwork into his sensational sonic showroom of song!

Magic Mushroom- Oregon Gifts
We're happy to have our art in famous roadside attraction store Oregon Gifts formerly known as Magic Mushroom Lamps located at 133 Westwood St., Sutherlin, OR 97479. Hippies of all ages grace this colorful destination.

Goddess In Eden
New Age Retailer, Verona, N.J.

Below: Signing some posters for cave-goers and art fans Aja Ann and Giuseppe. It was great meeting you guys- Enjoy the art!

Lida Asteria Kentucky Geode Rock Shop
If you're seeking geodes, crystals, and stunning Kentucky rock specimens, Lida Asteria's Kentucky Geode Rock Shop is the place to be. If you're not there, you're nowhere! Mentally jump into their fascinating displays of one-of-a-kind minerals where you'll find our mushroom artwork adorning the walls, because people who love rocks usually love mushrooms too, and when rocks meet fungi the world is at its best. Check them out online or in person in the Bluegrass State for a rockin' experience, and soon your shelves may be sparkling too!:  and on  Ebay too- Click Here

Caldwell Salt Cave
Himalayan Salt Spa, Caldwell, N.J.
*No longer in business, but it was a lovely destination.

Apple Village:

We were excited to partner with Apple Village at 50 Upper Montclair Plaza in Upper Montclair, NJ. Apple Village is a design-centric children's furnishings and gift shop for the special little ones in your life. Nicole and store owner Alexandria are pictured to the left. Stop by and check out their beautiful store and colorful gifts!

Retail Poem

By Nicole Denise

For Store Owners, Retail Buyers,
Decision Makers, New Hires:

If you want to sell The Poster Box!™
We promise this product will knock off your socks
And give your consumers something they'll love:
Sixteen posters when one's not enough.

It's great for kids; It's great for decor
It's great for adults and any store.
If you're a gift shop, it makes a great gift.
If you're a toy store, children will sift
Through 16 prints and want to get
Every one and they're sold as a set!
They'll get them all- no fussing or choosing
No putting some back to feel like they're losing.
Kids will go home with artwork galore,
Now that's what mass production is for!

If you're a tourist destination
It's a cool souvenir to buy on vacation.
Passerbys in your city or town
Will bring a box home and remember they found
Interesting artwork during their trip
It will make your retail shop look hip.

If you're an art store, this product is art.
Its colorful presence stands apart,
For every inch and spine and side
Is art-filled and you will not find
A blank space anywhere in sight,
The front; the back; the whole thing's bright!

If you're a giant retail chain
We want to join you- play your game.
We'll ship your orders palletized
And sell to stores of any size.

Or if your store is small, fear not
If you're afraid to buy a lot
Our wholesale order is perfect then-
The minimum is only ten.

It hardly takes up any space
But it's big in front of your face
To dazzle shoppers in their view
So they will want to buy from you!

Our counter-top display on shelves
Makes these babies sell themselves.
Your customers will be intrigued,
Stop in their tracks and never leave.

Or big displays- we have them too
Depending on the size of you!
Depending on the space you give
To let our artwork thrive and live.

If you run a catalog
Don't let generic products hog
Your precious pages, precious space
It's time to allocate a place
For something different, something new,
Something never carried by you,
Until today and it will be
A special page, a sight to see.

How many products that you sell
Are hand-drawn art and do they tell
A story like our poster set?
It's in the cover, on the left.
When you open this collection
There's a story that is mentioned
Written in a rhyming verse
About the art- we think it's worth
A place upon your fancy pages
Appropriate for all the ages.

A retailer has a special place
To share art with the human race.
Use your power- use it well
To make art be something you sell.

Computer art's become the norm
But it can't compete with art hand-drawn
Which has a different mental feel
So buy some prints and seal the deal!

Wherever you're based, we want to be,
On pages, shelves, for all to see.
A small town, big town, it's all the same
Art is art in every game
In every head, in every hand,
Art is art in every land.

So call us to place an order or two-
We're looking forward to working with you!

The End.
Contact: 1-877-SO-VIVID, 1-877-768-4843

Below: Art on display/for sale at Bargain Hunter Mama Sales, Orange, N.J.

Stores that have carried and/or displayed Nicole's art are below. They range from New Age stores to college bookstores to gift shops to a rock shop (geology not rock music- but music stores carry it also because they rock too!- as you'll see below). The art is appropriate for all ages and looks snazzy on a shelf. If you're a retailer interested in sharing swirls with the world, contact us!
Phone: 1-877-SO-VIVID, 1-877-768-4843

Nicole Denise Designs- Retailers

More stores that have carried our work are below. If you'd like to be one of them, contact us at 1-877-SO-VIVID, 1-877-768-4843 and let's put some color on the shelves!

Journeys- A Center For Your Soul:

Thank you to New Age shop Journeys- A Center For Your Soul for sending us these photos of our display in your lovely store! Check out Journeys the next time you're out west, at 805 Liberty St. NE, Suite 2, Salem, OR 97301.

West Orange Arts Council:

As of 2015, we're happy to be a member of the West Orange Arts Council in New Jersey, located at 551 Valley Road, West Orange, N.J., 07052. Nicole's product "The Poster Box!" is in their gift shop along with work by many other skilled artists in all mediums. Photos are with fellow members and artists, left to right: Deneise Smith of Deneise Smith Design at and, Nicole in center, and Arts Council Chairperson Carol Black-Lemon of BlackLemon Art at