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The Poster Box!™

Poem- The Open Box

By Nicole Denise

There once was a time when the walls were blank,
There was nothing to look at, not much of a sight.
One poster cost $12.00 or more
So you'd buy one or two
And then leave the store.

But one day a box of abundance appeared-
For years that day had been drawing near.
For $32.00 you'd get 16 prints
And color your walls in a vivid instant.

They were posters of mushrooms and occasional bugs,
Posters of whimsical swirls people loved.
Posters that came from a colorful land
Where all art is carefully drawn by hand.

In this one little box, not so little in fact,
Was all the artwork your blank walls had lacked.

Each side and spine had swirling designs-
No two were the same- there was so much to find.
You could count entwined mushrooms on the sides and the back-
Some growing up and some falling back,
Some upside down and some twirling together-
When art appeared, life looked better.

Fancy drawings were drawn to fit
Each little space, every angle, each bit
Of paper and cardboard and cardstock used
Which was now saturated in artwork anew.
It was a masterpiece of using blank space-
Not once inch of product went to waste.

Filled with energy bursting out-
More than artwork this box was about.
It was about seeing your deepest potential
And seeing the world as a place exponential
With colors and patterns and art everywhere
In a place overlooked where it seemed no one cared.

But now that the minds were set free and aware
That artwork exists in each head, everywhere,
A new view of spaces and colors was born
And now vibrant art would be manmade's norm.

After all, before streets, before buildings were bare
There was one thing- just one thing that lived everywhere
And that one thing was nature- each bug and each plant
Where you'll rarely find a straight line or sharp slant-
Just maybe a few, sometimes, here and there
But most nature is swirly or curvy somewhere.
There are patterns and wave forms flying all over
No two are the same, no two ants or two clovers.

That world's still our world, the world of today
If we decide to see it that way
And let nature guide us to where we should be
It will lead us through every artistic journey.

This art was inspired by nature below
That springs from the ground and grows grows grows,
Creating odd forms and swirly designs
Look down, look around, and you're bound to find
Infinite shapes in each little station
And endless mind-boggling inspiration
Among a small patch of dirt and small weeds
Are tiny designs as artwork that feeds
The minds and ideas of humans who look-
Each 5 inch of space can fill a whole book
Of ideas from the ground that grow in the head
And are then put on paper and drawn and said
With words and colors and outlines inspired
By the natural world from which we can't tire.

When the box was opened, the door was unlocked
Color poured out and it never stopped.
This box holds posters but another kind
Is the box of art within your mind-
The box of potential that needs to be opened
To share all the thoughts that have gone unspoken-
All the ideas and creations that wait
To burst out and fill up their colorful fate.

So bring some designs into your room
Your office, your dorm, and let some art bloom.
Open the box and begin observation,
For in each patch of dirt waits inspiration.

The End.

Note: There is an illustrated poem inside The Poster Box!™ mentioning the colorful creatures at the top of this website. This is not that poem. That one is a surprise, telling the story of the artwork and appropriate for all ages.

16 posters in one special box

The Poster Box!™

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