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Mad About Mushrooms Blog!
July 2016


A Little Poem:
Mushrooms, fungus, everywhere,
Growing strong without a care.
On Mad About Mushrooms you will find
Intriguing facts of every kind.
They even wrote a blog with heart
About our psychedelic art.
Check out their tales of fungus found
Upon a fascinating ground.


Special thanks to fantastic fungal site Mad About Mushrooms for writing about us! Click  here  to read the blog on their site.

here for their News page for lots of posts, and don't forget to click the topics on the left where you will be drawn into an endless world of fascination.

Press Poem:

If you're the press with a blank page to fill,
Looking for colorful eye-catching skill
In the form of a business based on art
Then this is the place your piece can start.

Contact us and tell us what you need,
Who you are, and we'll work with speed
To help you make your story strong,
Business is our life and art is our song.


Business of the Month at N.J. Bank

Posters for colleges, posters for dorms,
A holiday gift during winter storms.
16 posters are a lot
Of gifts to give in one big box.
Give them all when Christmas comes your way, For Hanukkah give two per day.


U. Magazine by
Winter 2009 Issue, Page 15 in the Holiday Gift Guide
On-line readership 500,000 viewers per issue.


Thank you Mark for mentioning us
In Quilter's Home and making a fuss.
Your stories are always different and new,
You promote great fabric and we're thankful to you!

Mark Lipinski's
Quilter's Home Magazine

Oct./Nov. 2009, Page 79, Circulation 130,000