"The Poster Box!" For Sale at Walter Bauman Jewelers- Counter Top Display:

Walter Bauman Jewelers

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Nicole with Displays:

Art On Walls:

Special thanks to Walter Bauman Jewelers in West Orange, N.J. for their amazingly elegant display of my art prints from "The Poster Box!™" in their beautiful store!! My family and I have been patrons at Walter Bauman Jewelers since before I was tall enough to see over the counters. I am truly moved to be part of their creative vision as this art will adorn the store's counter top museum-style display cases during the Spring of 2017 to complement their stunning jewelry pieces. 

Each display is like a magical world of its own, created by gifted store designer Donna Natoli. I never wanted to leave as I walked through the aisles surrounded by such ingenious displays of artwork created out of artwork.

The Poster Box!" (my collection of 16 prints packaged together in a keepsake box) is currently for sale at Walter Bauman Jewelers at 653 Eagle Rock Ave, West Orange, N.J. 07052 for $29.95 for ALL 16 prints which are 11"x14.5" in size. 

If you have blank walls, stop by the store for some art as well as their impressive selection of jewelry. They also buy back old jewelry and repair your current treasures. 

***Special thanks to Walter, Donna, and Theresa for their exceptional creative vision and support!!

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