Above: By Judit Gebhardt

Above: By Anna Easton

Above: By Linda Becker

Above: By Marjorie Smith

Above: By Barb Ridgeway

Above: By Lavonda Phillips

Above: By Virginia Meyer

Above: By Shelly Haynie

Above: By Lisa Sharma

Above: By Loris Webb

Above: By Molly Johnson

Above: By Susan Drummond

Above: By Marena Kerr

Above: By Nancy Currington

Above: By Marla Vinzant

Above: By Kris Bowen

Above: By Cindy Williams

Above: By Pat Zarp

Above: By Marcy Maez

Above: By Gale Davis

Above: By ​Patricia Harmon

What an adorable house! Who wouldn't want to open that door and move in?!

Above: By ​Rosemarie Pitka

Nicole notes:I'm a huge admirer of Laurel Burch's art and life. I was extremely moved to see my fabric used with Laurel's cats. Thank you Rosemarie!

Ruby Street Quiltworks in Washington state, USA held a Mardi Gras themed contest using Nicole's Face The Music collection! ***All 39 pieces are below.***

Whether you know her name or not, there's a good chance you'd recognize Andrea's work. We truly believe that without her culturally significant art, most people would not automatically associate Mardi Gras with women's faces to begin with.

While Nicole didn't design this collection with the Margi Gras or Andrea's art in mind, (she drew much of it during college nearly 10 years before it was made into fabric), Andrea's work might have been an indirect reason why this fabric was chosen for the contest, and that deserves to be acknowledged.

The task was to make a quilt block using one rectangle from the black & white Face The Music panel fabric. We couldn't believe the extraordinary creativity out there! Each entry is beautiful. The quilt blocks were assembled into one big quilt and donated to charity efforts in Haiti. Thank you to Ruby Street and everyone who participated!

Also- special thanks to artist Andrea Mistretta. For 30 years now, she set the cultural and visual tone for the New Orleans Mardi Gras by designing beautiful posters of elegant women's faces.

Above: By Kitty Johnson

Above: By Germaine Hough

Above: By Laura Piliaris

Above: By Susan Camp

Above: By Brenda Lewis

Above: By Pam Sullivan

Above: By Barb Johnson

Above: By Jenny Sheehan

Above: By Jayna Williams

Above: By Kristin Jones

Above: By Jamie Chiara

Above: By Suzette Sims

Above: By Margaret McGill

Above: By Sheree Neumeier

Above: By Phil Lowe

Above: By Peggy Cluck

Above: By Bunny Hyink

Thank you again to Ruby Street Quiltworks for creating this contest and charity event, and to all of the genius quilters who participated! Your work is inspiring.

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