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9 Poetic Reasons to Buy The Poster Box!

(Note: There is a 31-stanza illustrated poem inside The Poster Box!™ telling the story of the artwork.
This is not that poem. That one is a surprise but we hope you enjoy this one too!).

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9 Poetic Reasons

The Poster Box!™- 16 posters in one special box
Posters are 11" x 14.5" in size
Click here for photos of the posters
+ $8.00 shipping in the USA

If you're seeking art and you have blank walls,
You'll feel the pull as The Poster Box!™ calls:
"Buy me! Buy me! And transform your space
Into a magical colorful place!".

Everyone has their own styles and tastes
And reasons they love a style that makes
Their walls connect with their view of the world
So here are 9 reasons why these posters may call,
Call to your vision, call to your view,
Of the kind of artwork you want around you:

1) Maybe you have kids or maybe you know some
And they'd like some art and they'd like to show some
Colorful posters to all of their friends,
And for kids far away this is something to send-
A package to open; a gift to unwrap
And who doesn't love a mailing like that?!

2) Or are you a teacher with innocent eyes
Sitting in desks waiting for a surprise?
Your students will love you- just color your room.
It's never too late and it's never too soon
To educate students with a visual splash
Covering all the blank walls of your class.

3) Or maybe your locker is metal and cold
And you're looking for something that's vivid and bold.
Art isn't just for household walls-
It's for lockers that sit in high school halls.
Open your door for your coat and your books
And artwork will look back at you as you look
Into the chamber so narrow in size,
Now brought to life with swirly designs.

4) Or maybe you stare at your dorm and look pensive-
You need something cool and inexpensive.
Something that says, "I like interesting things."
That exactly the feeling The Poster Box!™ brings.

There are enough posters to spread all around-
The closet, the dresser, some up and some down,
Enough to evoke a colorful feeling
Enough for the walls, the windows and ceiling.

5) Or are you in a cubicle surrounded by gray?
Or a windowless office with one-color paint?
Now's the time to change your dim view-
Get some tape and let magical art surround you.
Do your work and make your calls
Sitting between the most whimsical walls.

6) Or if you're a musician embarking on tour
With guitars in cases and amps on the floor
Jazz up your space without a great fuss-
These could look cool in your traveling tour bus!

7) Or are you planning a party? Need decorations?
Something to brighten your celebration?
Birthdays, balloons- you're missing one thing-
Posters for walls and the joy that they bring.
Balloons will burst and streamers will fade
But artwork will last beyond party day.

8) And why are refrigerators always white?
Or some solid color that's bland in your site?
Make your fridge proud with nothing to hide-
Make it as colorful as the food that's inside!

9) There's also a room that's suffered displacement
It's in your own house- it's called your basement.
It's low, it's dark, it's forgotten down there-
It's not decorated because no one cares.
Cheer up your underground- that sad darkened space-
Posters will put a smile on your basement's face.

So those are 9 reasons, and oh there are more
Why The Poster Box!™filled with posters galore
Could be the collection you've been hoping to find.
If you've been seeking art, now is the time!