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The Poster Box!™- 16 posters in one special box
Posters are 11" x 14.5" in size
Click here for photos of the posters
+ $8.00 shipping in the USA

They are awesome! I used them to decorate the home school classroom for my twin boys Clutch and Cam. It has a 60's/70's theme and the way you draw like vintage concert it! They are exactly what I wanted- not your everyday classroom- this class is for the cool kids :)
-Emily, Home-School Teacher from Colorado

Hi Nicole,
I just got them and opened them up this evening. My 14 year old artist loves them and so do I. I just got finished reading the story of the Lub Lumps. The story sort of reminds me of The Lorax and the story to The Beatles, Yellow Submarine. I think I'll start the school year off with some of the grades learning about you, your artwork, and your poems. Thanks so much! I feel like I just got the best present in the mail. I will try to send some pictures of the student artwork to your site when they are finished. Thanks again.
-Cathy, Art Teacher from Indiana

Hi, thanks for getting them to us so quickly! I searched for bohemian posters as we are decorating my daughter's dorm room!! Thank you again!
-Mikelle from Texas

Hey Nicole,
I was searching for art to put around my room as there's nothing in it, I need something positive something that meant something to me something vibrant...I love how there are mushrooms in just about every print and how they're all so intricate. The thing I liked most is that it came as a lot, and now I won't have to spend an arm and a leg to decorate my room, apart from that they're badass!
-Brayan, College Student from California

Hi Nicole!
Yes I did receive the poster box and I love all of them. The letter you sent was so beautiful as well. Thank you so much!!! I did give a few of them to our little granddaughter. She LOVES them. Thank you again!...You're such a sweet spirit.
Many blessings,
-Jill from Idaho

I am going to create a large cardboard display like the one in your picture and put black felt around the cardboard and place each poster up as a statement showcase piece for my daughter's birthday party. The theme is "Almost Famous". Got each girl round sunglasses, peace necklaces, flower headbands and bracelets along with their tie dye totes. We are having the party at a paint your own painting and sip type party, so I wanted this displayed up for all to see. If you have business cards, please send them in case the parents are interested in buying some....Good luck with all. I love the posters. Hopefully, I can spread the word here in Houston for you.
-Christine from Texas